Naples (from the Greek «NeaPolis» - a new city) is the largest city in southern Italy, situated on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Naples, at the piedmont of the active volcano Vesuvius.

Naples today is a primarily city of arts, the real treasury of art and architectural works.

Naples is one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea, from which daily ferries depart to the nearby world-famous islands of Capri and Ischia and ships arrive from other countries and continents.

Naples is the birthplace of the famous Neapolitan pizza, which fragrant soars among the narrow medieval streets, mixing with a characteristic smell of the sea.

Naples is the city of cheerful people with rousing songs and lighthearted humor.

All these features make the city of Naples one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists, who often repeat the famous Neapolitan phrase «Vide Napule e po 'muore» - See Naples and die, which means that everybody need to see at least once in the life the beauty and splendor of Naples.


Civil wedding in Naples performed in the medieval Maschio Angioino Castle erected on the sea coast in the XII century by the king Charles of Anjou. After the ceremony, you can make a photo shoot at the old city of Naples, along the promenade or visit the romantic island of Capri.


Approximately 30km from Naples a a very beautiful villa standing on a small island opens its door for civil ceremonies on the lake. The villa has an octagonal shape and it is connected with a lakeside by a wooden bridge. This original building was designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli in 1752 as a hunting lodge for the King of Naples Ferdinand of Bourbon, and was completed by Carl Vanvitelli (son of Luigi) in 1782. Such famous figures as composers Mozart and Rossini, the Austrian Emperor Franz visited the king hunting lodge. The villa some times served as a cinematic filming. 


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