Sorrento is a wonderful town located on the top of a steep cliff, opposite the volcano Vesuvius. The very special atmosphere reigns in Sorrento: mixed aroma of the sea, citrus and great variety of flowers, waves lapping, bright sun, charming buildings, cozy restaurants, beautiful hotels and boutiques.

The Town Hall offers two charming places for performing civil ceremony in Sorrento. These are the courtyard of a former monastery and the suburb villa.


The courtyard of a former monastery, where monks secluded themselves for thought, has the greatest demand. Couples make the reservation for their civil wedding ceremony a year ahead. Its peculiarity lies in the unique combination of romance and architectural value of the place. In the daytime, in good weather the central part of the courtyard is filled with bright sunlight, but thanks to the large willow tree, growing in the center of the courtyard, and to the arched corridor around its perimeter , even on the hottest summer days, the couple feels comfortable and cozy.

The municipal villa is located in a suburb of Sorrento. It opens its doors for performing civil and symbolic wedding ceremonies. The villa offers to its guests a choice between a large terrace overlooking the sea, the Roman nymphs and two halls. It is possible to organize in Villa not only wedding ceremony in Sorrento, but wedding reception too. For small number of guests instead of wedding reception a modest cocktail party could be offered at the park of Villa.


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