Civil Ceremony in Latium

Latium (it. Lazio) is an Administrative Region of Italy, located in its central part. It is located on the site of ancient Latium, that's why it got its name. The main celebrity of Lazio is Rome, its capital, one of the oldest cities on earth. Latium consists of five provinces: Frosinone, Rieti, Latina, Viterbo and Rome. The towns and villages surrounding Rome are worthy of the capital. 

The northern part of Lazio, called Tuscia and belonged to the province of Viterbo, is one of the most interesting and exciting in central Italy. 
The Ulysse's coast deserves a special attention. It makes a part of the province of Latina, where the Circeo National Park stretches, the unique of its kind in Italy, and Pontine islands of volcanic origin in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Roman Castles (Castelli Romani), with their beautiful landscapes, Renaissance palaces and white wine are the proud of Latium.

The next attraction of the region - the town of Tivoli with its amazing villas, built in different eras in its territory: Hadrian's Villa, Villa d'Este and Villa Gregoriana.
No matter what town or village you choose for your civil wedding in Latium: you'll always feel a special atmosphere that is impregnated with the spirit of oldcenturies traditions.

Civil wedding in Rome

What could be more beautiful than a wedding in Rome?! Can you wish something more than a wedding celebration with vows of your eternal love to each other in the Eternal City?

This bustling metropolis is a treasure trove of spectacular sights. It is soaked with the history of many centuries and civilizations. It is saturated with works of art of great architects and artists. It just breathes with cultural wealth and love for all the Greats and Eternals.

Do not think for a long time, just choose Rome for your wedding in Italy as a symbol of eternal happiness and eternal love!

Civil wedding near Rome

If Rome is very noisy for you, but in any way you want to celebrate your wedding near to the Eternal City, choose any town in the Latium region for your wedding in Italy.



Civil wedding in Tivoli

Tivoli is a small, but very beautiful town standing on the hillside 30 km from Rome.

The palace where civil weddings take place belongs to the Renaissance period. The civil wedding ceremony is held in the majestic Red hall decorated with frescoes and statues.

Tivoli is famous for its unique villas (Villa Adriana, Villa d'Este and Villa Gregoriana), by its fortress of the 15th century, by magnificent mansions and by virgin nature.

The Villa d'Este is considered the most beautiful villa not only in Tivoli, but in all region of Latium. Is was created in the period of the Renaissance by request of the cardinal Ippolito D'este. The villa complex includes the palace and adjoining it garden with 500 fountains! Just thank to the fountains the villa got its special glory. Its beauty inspired musicians and poets, architectors and artists. Peter the Great sought to surpass them at creation of his Peterhof. The Villa D'Este could become a venue of your wedding day, for symbolic ceremony or only for photo set.

Civil wedding in Ariccia

Ariccia is a small quiet town in the province of Latina, referring to the Roman Castles (Castelli Romani). The main attraction of the town is a magnificent Palace Chigi (Palazzo Chigi), built in the XVII century and belonged to the famous papal family Chigi. On its request Gian Lorenzo Bernini turned the Palazzo in a luxurious residence in the Baroque style.

The museum is in the Palace now. It keeps the traces of its former magnificence: the collection of pictures, antique furniture, paintings on the walls and columns. In one of the halls of the Palace Chigi, which walls are painted with natural scenery in soft blue tones, civil marriage ceremonies take place. The elegant hall is always well lit with natural light thanks to the high arched windows overlooking a huge green park.

If you want your wedding helds in the historic cozy town according all aristocratic traditions, Ariccia is a perfect choice for you.

Civil wedding near Tivoli

Two charming villages, San Gregorio da Sassola and Sambuci, located respectively 10km and 15km from the town of Tivoli are known thanks to their historic castles, which are the landmarks not only of these two villages, but of the entire region Latium.

San Gregorio da Sassola is located on a hillside. The medieval center of the village (borgo), with its castle has the origin in the middle of the 10th century. It was built as a defense of the first settlement. Its protective function was lost the value within centuries, and the castle became the residence of the rich people.

Seaside: Nettuno, Anzio

Nettuno and Anzio are two small resort town situated on the banks of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the distance of three kilometers one from another and about 60km on the south of Rome. Once these two towns were one single entity of ancient city Antium, but then they were separated.

Anzio, according to legend, was founded by Antaeus, the son of enchantress Circe and Odysseus. Its territory was famous from the earliest times for clean sea and sandy beaches. The imperial palace was there, where the great Nero was born and founded a trading port later.

Seaside: Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella is a charming sea town in the Province of Rome. It is located about 60 km from Rome and 9 Km from the international cruise port of Civitavecchia.

Santa Marinella is widely known as the “pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”, mainly due to its location on the sea and the climate. On the territory of Santa Marinella there are numerous archaeological sites dating back to the Etruscan, Roman and Middle Ages.

Civil wedding in villa in Latium countryside

This luxury villa, located in 50 km from Rome, immersed in a landscape of hills and nestling among the Lakes of Vico and Bracciano, is an ideal setting for living your wedding day in style.

The villa has a central hall, which can accommodate up to 240 people and 2 big halls. The location is surrounded by a wonderful park of 10 hectares with a secular olive trees, a rose garden and a beautiful swimming pool.


Seaside: Ulysse's Coast

Between Rome and Naples, there is a one of the most beautiful places in the Tyrrhenian Sea ' the Ulysse's Coast. It is one of the most attractive destinations as for Italians, so for foreigners. Incredibly clean sea, the Blue Flag of the European Community, the golden sandy beaches, romantic coves with rocky headlands, tiny towns with a rich cultural heritage and good infrastructure - all these facts make of the Coast the only place for stay and, why not, for marrige?

Civil wedding at Papal Thermal Bath

Papal Baths (Terme dei Papi) are located near the town of Viterbo, over 75 km from Rome.

Hot springs (water temperature about 58 °) have been known since the ancient Romans. Many popes indulged in their warm waters, full of minerals. The waters have retained their medicinal properties up to the present. Now Papal Baths is a modern complex offering numerous beauty services based on thermal water and natural volcanic mud. The most popular is the natural thermal grotto, which operates on the principle of the Turkish bath.

Civil wedding on Bracciano Lake

Bracciano Lake (it.Lago di Bracciano) is the largest lake in Latium region after the Lake Bolsena. It is located 32 km northwest of Rome. Its area takes 56.76 square km and it occupies the 8th place among the lakes of Italy. The depth is up to 156 m. (Source

Lake Bracciano keeps many mysteries. In ancient times it was called Sabatino. According to the legend, the sunken city is at the bottom of the volcanic lake. The lake is surrounded from almost all sides by small towns: Bracciano, Anguillara, Trevignano and Vigna di Valle. Each of them has its own history, but particularly noteworthy town is Bracciano with its symbol - the Castle Orsini- Odescalchi, proudly towering above the eponymous lake. 

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