Nettuno and Anzio are two small resort town situated on the banks of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the distance of three kilometers one from another and about 60km on the south of Rome. Once these two towns were one single entity of ancient city Antium, but then they were separated.

Anzio, according to legend, was founded by Antaeus, the son of enchantress Circe and Odysseus. Its territory was famous from the earliest times for clean sea and sandy beaches. The imperial palace was there, where the great Nero was born and founded a trading port later.

Nettuno is named in honor of the sea god Neptune. The town carries the spirit of different eras. The center of town is ringed by medieval fortification Borgo, and the walls of the fortress Sangallo are located on the seaside. There is famous Villa Borghese on the seaside too, with its large botanical garden.

Civil ceremony in Nettuno performs in the fortress Sangallo or on the panoramic terrace of a small private villa named Castello Borghese overlooking the sea.

Nettuno is famous for its yacht club, one of the biggest on the Tyrrhenian coast of Italy. After wedding ceremony you can enjoy an unforgettable sailing trip along the picturesque banks. And in the evening you will enjoy a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant with a sea view.

Civil ceremony in Anzio takes place at Villa Corsini Sarsina built by order of Cardinal Corsini in the 18th century. Its second name villa received by Prince Aldobrandini from Sarsina, who was its owner from 1874 to 1926. The offices of the Town Hall were transferred to the Villa Corsini Sarsina in 2010, after the five-years reconstruction. The wedding hall is located right at the entrance to the villa. Wonderful views of the flowered gardens could be admired from the windows of the hall.


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