Papal Baths (Terme dei Papi) are located near the town of Viterbo, over 75 km from Rome.

Hot springs (water temperature about 58 °) have been known since the ancient Romans. Many popes indulged in their warm waters, full of minerals. The waters have retained their medicinal properties up to the present. Now Papal Baths is a modern complex offering numerous beauty services based on thermal water and natural volcanic mud. The most popular is the natural thermal grotto, which operates on the principle of the Turkish bath.

Choosing town of Viterbo as venue for your wedding, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the original Papal Thermal Baths for a day or two before the celebration and feel yourselves the Roman patricians for a day. While the bride will enjoy treatments for face and body, the groom will be splashing in the warm thermal waters of the outdoor pool of the Papal Baths. Full relaxation and satisfaction for both lovers are guaranteed!



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