Lerici is a fantastic town in the province of La Spezia (La Spezia), located in one of the bays of the romantic Gulf of Poets (Golfo dei Poeti). Clean sea, merges with the sky, numerous boats and yacht in the port stunning views of the vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, friendly inhabitants create an atmosphere of total tranquility and comfort, winning the hearts of travelers by its natural beauty.

The city administration provides for wedding in Lerici two castles (built in the 12th and in the beginning of the 15th centuries) and an ancient chapel.


The castle of the 12th century takes a dominating position on the rocky cape which embraces the port of Lerici from the South side. On the open terrace of the castle wedding ceremonies and banquets are carried out.



The castle of the early 15th century with a square tower, located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Poets, is ideal for intimate wedding ceremonies with a small number of guests. The castle has two terraces, the first one can be used for a ceremony, and the second one - for “brindisi” (small cocktail party) with raising glasses of champagne in honor of the newlyweds.


The third place for wedding ceremony in Lerici, the ancient chapel or not operating church of the 12th century, is little-known, but it is capable to fascinate even the most not impressed person. In good weather, the wedding ceremony takes place at the entrance to the chapel, offering dizzying views of the Ligurian coast and the island of Palmaria.



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