The famous Villa Balbianello is located in a short boat ride from the village Balbiano, at the height of the forest covered with rich green cape, which crashed into the waters of Lake Como and forms a small peninsula. It was built in the late XVIII century by Cardinal Angelo Durini on the remains of a Franciscan monastery.

The owners of this fantastic corner changed throughout the centuries and make their contribution in equipping the Villa to their taste, but at the same time, preserving its unique originality.  


In 1988 the Villa became the heritage of the Italian Foundation for Environment (Fondo per Ambiente Italiano), which is in awe of its controls and protects. Today, Villa Balbianello is open to visitors. Visitors from the little pier, which preserved its originality, ascend the steep steps to the peak of the cape of the villa.

The balcony, crown villa, allows you to enjoy at the same time the two opposing views: on the south side - the virgin Diana Bay, in the direction of the island and Balbiano Comacina, and the Venus Bay on the north, overlooking the famous Tremezzina, where the luxury villas of many celebrities are.

There are two halls close to the loggia arches. In one of them the Library with more than 4,000 books is. Another hall was once a music hall, then it became the Map hall.

In the attic of the villa the museum dedicated to the Montsinos' trips is. One of the rooms is full of many ancient statues of various civilizations: Chinese, Cretan, Aztec and many others.

It is worth mentioning the magnificent interior rooms. Fine tapestries and oriental rugs are in perfect harmony with the English and French furniture of the 18th and 19th centuries and luxurious Venetian crystal chandeliers.

Special attention deserves the gardens, which history is rooted in the 18th century. Rocky coast of the peninsula and a small amount of land prevented the ambitious Cardinal Durini in creating the garden as in the classic Italian and English-style, but he still managed to create a masterpiece of garden art. The romantic garden, framing villa and down to the lake, creates its unique own world. Its charm is underlines by exceptional harmony with the beauty of the lake and of its surrounding landscape.

Romantic atmosphere of the Villa was a backdrop for such famous films as "Casino Royale" and "Star Wars."

The Villa is very popular as a venue for various events, especially for weddings on the Lake Como and wedding banquets.

The Villa offers different options of using the venue:

  • only ceremony (up to 2 hrs staying);

  • ceremony + cocktail (up to 3 hrs staying);

  • ceremony + wedding banquet (up to 6 hrs staying, with option to extend the time till h 02:00a.m. behind an extra charge;

  • wedding photo shooting (up to 1 hour).

The rental cost of the villa depends on the chosen option, on the number of guests and on the chosen day and time.   

The civil and symbolic wedding ceremonies could be performed in the loggia and in the terraces overlooking the lake from Monday to Sunday.

The ceremonies with a small number of guests could be performed when the villa is open for visitors: from h 10:00 am till h 18:00. Meanwhile the ceremonies with more than 50 guests could be allowed only when the villa is closed for visitors: on Monday and Wednesday starting from h 12:00 a.m. or from Tuesday to Sunday after h 06:00 p.m..

The wedding cocktail and banquets could be hold in the open terrace or in one of the halls close to the Loggia. Both halls could be rent only on Monday and Wednesday.


  • Villa Balbianello is open from mid March to mid November;

  • wedding couples and their guests could get the villa only by boat;

  • Villa Balbianello is not allowed for accommodation;   

  • Villa Balbianello is very requested, that's why we suggest to book it approx. 6-12 months prior to desired wedding date.

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