For those newlyweds who dream of a wedding in Venice, but can not or do not want to invest big money in the wedding, we propose to organize a wedding in one of the towns near Venice. Thus the civil wedding, reception, accommodation will cost quite cheaper than the official registration of marriage and other wedding services just in Venice island. You can successfully do charming photoshoots with Venetian landscape after civil ceremony near Venice.


The first alternative to wedding in Venice is wedding in Chioggia. Chioggia is an ancient lagoon town. It is often called the "little Venice" because it consists of islands connected by bridges. The panoramic view of the historic center of Chioggia resembles a fish skeleton. Unlike Venice Chioggia has roads with cars and public transport . Chioggia was the center of production of high-quality salt during the Roman Empire, and in the 18th century a lot of smugglers, cheats, frauds and other «suppliers of forbidden pleasures» flocked there. The famous Casanova was a frequent visitor of the lagoon town. Interesting fact: the clock on the tower of St. Andrew, located in the center of town, considered the oldest in the world.

Chioggia is famous for its beautiful resorts, superb local seafood cuisine and monuments, so after wedding near Venice, you can stay for a week or more for a pleasant and useful holidays.

Riviera del Brenta

A wonderfull alternative to wedding in Venice is wedding in magnificent villa of the Riviera del Brenta.  


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